Friday, July 5, 2013

Quote of the Day

Elizabeth Rogers had black hair and was a friend of Midge's; she was a wonderful actress, Midge said, and was often to be seen in a corner of the Dragons' common-room with her fingers stuffed in her ears learning chunks of poetry for the love of it which seemed to Susan and odd way to behave; Ann Burton had a lisp; Gail Martin had specs which Susan took to cleaning every morning before breakfast - she sometimes wondered how Gail had managed before her arrival, she must have seen everything through a sort of fog; Mary Roseveare was bursting with brains and got an A every time in the fortnightly marks, Bridget Phillips was anything but-.

From SUSAN AT SCHOOL, Chapter 2, Super Fags. Here we are introduced to Susan's new friends at St. Ronan's. Elizabeth Rogers had already appeared in the  short story Susan's School Play when, thanks to Peregrine of all people, she managed to get the leading role in the play, replacing the much villified Hermione Pennington-smith, whose disagreeable father was Clerk to the Governors. Elizabeth would appear in a number of scenes in the St. Ronan's stories. Ann Burton's lisp was used to great comic effect in both books, but was not overused. The other girls did not make many appearances. With all the teachers, prefects and other pupils, St. Ronan's was a crowded scene, especially after Gabrielle Gascoigne moved there in the second term of Susan's first year.