Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Latest Acquisitions

Yesterday, I ordered three books from Jeff at Peakirk Books: Nothing Happened After All, Magic Ships and The Moochers. I would prefer to read the books in the order that they were published but when dealing with an out-of-print author you have to take what is available. So I'll be reading the second Dizzy & Alison book before the first (Anything Can Happen). Prices are soaring. For The Moochers I paid £65 and for Nothing Happened After All I paid £70. Magic Ships was a realtive snip at £30. I've found copies of Northmead Nuisance at prices varying between £170 and £250. In October 2009, I paid £80 for a first edition of A Job for Susan. At the time I thought it was quite expensive but now the asking price is as high as £130. Rare titles can be incredibly dear. The Moochers Abroad is going for £140. If you're looking to collect the more difficult to find Jane Shaw books, prepare your pocket!