Monday, March 26, 2012

Quote of the Day

By tea-time she was her sunny self again. She and Tessa and Midge, hurrying to the prefects' room to make the tea, found a full-scale row going on, Diana very heated and cross, Hermione Pennington-Smith icy and superior. Hermione was saying in her coldest voice, "Well, somebody must have moved it, Hippo, I've asked all the others and none of them did. I had to go to my lesson without it and Dotty was furious. I do think it's too bad that one can't leave one's books on the table without a great clumsy elephant comng and moving them."
"I didn't touch your old book!" cried Diana, who didn't like being called a clumsy elephant.

From SUSAN AT SCHOOL, Chapter 2, Super Fags.