Tuesday, May 1, 2012

500th Post: Anna-Säule Column

In Fivepenny Mystery, when Deborah arrives in Austria she is driven through Innsbruck. She thinks that the Maria Theresienstrasse is the most beautiful street in the world and catches a glimpse of the Anna-Säule Column, which was built in honour of the retreat of Bavarian troops in 1703. The funniest scene in Fivepenny Mystery takes place on the Maria Theresienstrasse too, when Penny, after blazing a trail by heaving pots and pans out of the caravan on the road to Innsbruck, throws a sheet out of the window and it wraps itself around a policeman. Like all of her stories, Fivepenny Mystery is based on memories and journals recording the author's holiday experiences, which lend a great deal of realism and precision to her books.