Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quote of the Day

One of the nice things about getting back to Johannesburg was that we plunged into a wild whirl of gaiety. Aunt Helen had a terrific party to meet some of our relations' friends. You never saw such a spread in your life, cold meats of all kinds and the most wonderful salads, not just a bit of lettuce and a tomato, oh no, but glorious mixtures of pineapples and celery and avocado pear and cream cheese and nuts and green peppers and red peppers and asparagus to name but a few, some of them formed into moulds. Even apart from their delicious taste, you never saw anything so pretty.

From NOTHING HAPPENED AFTER ALL, Chapter 8, Interlude in Civilisation. Once again we see Jane Shaw's mastery of long sentences that do not leave the reader feeling out of breath. One sentence in this quote has 64 words.