Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

But after a time things began to sort themselves out and Susan suddenly found that she knew the way to the dormitory without asking Midge or to the various form-rooms without feeling that she would never find her way back and that she would be discovered, days later, still wandering round crazed with cold and hunger. She went to her first house meeting; she heard about the school societies - the Dramatic Club, the Debating Society, Birdwatchers' Club, Puppet Club, Stamp Club - and joined them all.
"You can't," said Midge, "not even a busybody like you can attend all the meetings because half of them are held on the same evening at the same time."
"Well, I'll leave out the Birdwatchers," said Susan. "As a matter of fact I'm not so keen on that because the only bird I know is a sparrow and I'd get jolly sick of watching sparrows. I'll leave out the Birdwatchers-"

From SUSAN AT SCHOOL, Chapter 2, Super Fags.