Saturday, February 16, 2013

SKH on Goodreads

This week is carnival week in Brazil and we had a big holiday. I used some of my time to apply for librarian status on Goodreads and it was granted. There wasn't all that much about Jane Shaw on the site beyond the Susan books and one or two other titles, so I set to and added all the Penny books, Venture to South Africa, the Dizzy and Alison stories and a lot of reviews and comments. The works. So now Jane Shaw's page on Goodreads has been beefed up. I wrote a new review for Susan's Kind Heart as well:

When Aunt Lucy receives Susan and Midge's dreadful report cards and sees that their French marks have dropped to an all-time low, she decides to "punish" them by sending them off to Brittany for the summer. The traditional Jane Shaw mixt of adventure, hearty meals, smuggling, ghosts and treasure keep the girls busy throughout their time in St. Close on the coast of Brittany. And of course, they don't learn much French. St. Clos is a thinly disguised Binic, Jane Shaw's beloved haven in Brittany, which had already been the setting for Breton Adventure (1939), The Moochers Abroad (1951) and Twopence Coloured (1954). As all the author's other heroines had visited Binic, in 1965 it was time for Susan to venture to the sands across the sea. Like all of Jane Shaw's books, this one is tightly plotted and entertaining. Susan's Kind Heart is the 9th book in a series of eleven, all of which were of very high quality. This book is a must for all Jane Shaw enthusiasts.