Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quote of the Day

Well, of course, everything now was absolutely clear. Really, this bracelet was creating quite a disturbance. Fancy old Grey Suit padding up and down the Rue de Rivoli for - how many days was it? - on the off-chance of seeing us again! Which of course he had, often. It wasn't so surprising, really, when you think how we haunted that street. I blushed to myself for having the conceit to think that Grey Suit was following us for our irresistible beauty, so I quickly said, "Oh, Monsieur, but of course. Of course we'll bring back the bracelet. As a matter of fact, we saw your---"
"We'll bring it tomorrow," Dizzy interrupted firmly.

From ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, Chapter 9, Up Among the Gargoyles.