Friday, April 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

The school reports really started it all: Susan's and Midge's were uniformly poor, but in French they both reached new depths. Aunt Lucy read them with gloom. "'Midge is lazy and inattentive...' really, Midge!"
"Susan's is worse." Midge produced the diversion hopefully.
"It worked. Aunt Lucy turned to Susan's report.
"'Susan is apparently too occupied with other things to bother about French. A very bad term's work,'" Aunt Lucy read out.
"Sarcastic old pig," said Susan. "Just because I had to do my maths prep during French once or twice-"

From SUSAN'S KIND HEART, Chapter 1, Haunted Ch√Ęteau. I often wonder why Susan and Midge's parents spent so much money on private school fees for them, when they obviously learn next to nothing, and then "punish" them by sending them to France for the summer!