Friday, June 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

"You have got a partner, you know," Jennifer remarked acidly as Sheila, poaching shamelessly, won the point and the game.
"Sorry," said Sheila carelessly as they changed ends. "But we did win the game."
"We might still have won it if I'd been allowed to hit the ball occasionally," said Jennifer, a mild girl until roused, "without you jumping from side to side like an electrocuted flea."
Kay, walking round the far side of the net with Nicky, stuck an elbow in her ribs. "Spot of trouble over there," she said, jerking her head towards their opponents.
"Jenny's as mad as a snake," said Nicky, pleased.
"Send everything to Jenny then," said Kay, "and see what happens."

From NEW HOUSE AT NORTHMEAD, Chapter 13, Tennis Matches.