Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quote of the Day

Suddenly she lifted her head, which was bent against the driving rain; there was a light shining somewhere ahead. She hesitated for a second, but after all she had to go on. If it was a car she might be very lucky and get a lift; if it was a house, well, people had a right to have their lights on at half past twelve in the middle of the night if they felt like it - it was none of her business. Shining her torch down at her feet she hurried on. And as she came round a turn in the lane she came on the cottage. The door was open and the light was streaming across the road; a woman was standing there beside the door with a lantern in her hand. As Gail came into the stream of light the woman darted across the road and caught herby the arm.
"Can you ride a bicycle?" she demanded.

From NORTHMEAD NUISANCE, Chapter 13, Drastic Measures.