Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quote of the Day

I was just drifting off when suddenly a hand was digging into my shoulder and someone was breathing in my ear in a very tickly way.
"Whasser marrer?" I murmured sleepily.
"Denny!" It was Prune, all dramatic and agitated. "Denny, wake up!"
I moved my ear out of reach and leant upon my elbow. "Well, I am awake," I whispered. "Who wouldn't be with you yelling right in my ear-hole. "What's up?"
"Denny, there's something in my bed!"
This, I must admit, was a surprise. "What sort of a something?" I asked.
"Denny, I don't quite know! I'm petrified--"

From A GIRL WITH IDEAS, Chapter 2, The Mouse Club.