Monday, April 10, 2017

Quote of the Day

"What d'you want to drink, Sara?" asked John, giving his order to Madame, who had popped up again as the patronne of the café.
"Beer," said Sara. "I need it."
"You can't drink beer," said Vanessa in a rather scandalized voice.
Sara wanted to know why not, and Vanessa said she didn't know quite, but it wasn't the thing at all, and John said she was far too young, and Caroline said Sara wouldn't like it anyway because she shouldn't wonder it had an absolutely foul taste.
"Well, can I have some to try?" insisted Sara, showing alarming eagerness to become a toper.
"Yes," said John, "but if you don't like it I'm not ordering anything else."
"I'll have cider," said Sara....

From BERNESE HOLIDAY, Chapter 3, En Route. This passage was edited down for the reissue in 1953, with all references to beer removed.