Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Wilsons Won't Mind

The Wilsons Won't Mind was the first short story about Susan, published in the Collins' Girls' Annual in 1955 and reprinted in The Treasure Book for Girls in 1958 and Ballet Stories in 1982. It is the only Susan story without her name in the title. As it was published just after the second book in the series, Susan's Helping Hand, perhaps the author had not yet decided to adopt the pattern of using the lead character's name in every title. In this story, Susan and the Carmichaels decide to provide some Christmas cheer for the Wilson family. Elvira, Stevie and the twins are down on their luck and have no money to go to a pantomime, so Susan and Co decide to put one on for them. As usual, there are several twists and turns before the miraculous happy ending is reached. An excellent story. In the illustration above, Charlotte sees her efforts at baking go awry. 

Madame Polinskaya greets her new pupil, Elvira Wilson, providing a happy ending to Christmas and a promising New Year to the Wilsons.