Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Och, I know things haven't gone too well today," Susan admitted humbly, "but we'll show these Gascoignes in their true colours to Uncle Charles yet-"
"Unrelieved black," said Midge.
"Uh-huh. And meantime we ought to be thinking how we're going to raise five pounds to pay Mrs. Thorne's repairs."
"I wish I could find some wonderful arky- whatever you call it treasure like Charlotte said," said Bill. "I wish I could dig somewhere -"
"Well, not in the garden, ducky," said Midge hurriedly, following the direction of Bill's glance.
"It's an old house," Bill mused on, "and the foundations can't have been disturbed for years-"
"It's too late tonight," said Midge firmly. "It's practically pitch dark."
Charlotte said witheringly, "You don't find archaeological treasure in back gardens. You find it at Mycenae or on the site of Troy or Babylon, or in Crete or among the ruins of ancient Byzantine cities -"
Nobody knew what she was talking about. Bill said again obstinately, "Well, it's an old house-"
"Listen," said Charlotte. "This house is about two hundred years old and the ruins that Sir Arthur Evans found in Crete were six thousand years old - four thousand B. C."
"Help," said Bill, "that makes me feel quite tired."
"I'm not surprised," said Midge, "considering that it's long past your bed-time. In fact, we'd better all go in, and Bill, you'd better go to bed."

From SUSAN RUSHES IN, Chapter 4, The Ghost of Mr. Worthington.