Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quote of the Day

Sara handed the butter to the woman with the red rose. Inspector Roberts loomed up from nowhere and took her by the arm.
And so Sara was a kind of heroine after all. Inspector Roberts, who had hopes he would be able to round up the whole smuggling organisation from his capture of the woman with the red rose and Sara's description of the little woman in black, was in high good humour and congratulated them all; and it was long past midnight when the weary four eventually tottered off to John's ancient and battered car.
Suddenly Sara gave a yell and clutched her stomach.
"Sara!" said Vanessa in a panic, "what is it now?"
Sara said, wide-eyed, "I've just remembered! I swallowed one of those diamonds!"

From SARA'S ADVENTURE, the short story from 1953, and the last words of the Sara and Caroline saga. A speciality of Jane Shaw's was the extended sentence that didn't leave you feeling out of breath. The second sentence of the second paragraph contains 44 words.