Monday, May 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

Mrs. Storm got Sara set up with a Knickerbocker Glory and then sidled her second bombshell into the conversation.
"We're not going to the farm," she said. This was such a manifestly ridiculous statement that Sara paid no attention to it but went on expounding the merits of Farthinglands. When she did realize that her mother was not trying to be funny, another contretemps between her breathing apparatus and the Knickerbocker Glory was this time narrowly averted.
"When you've finished blowing your ice cream all over the room," said Caroline, "perhaps you'll be quiet and let Aunt Margaret tell us where we are going."
"Have a cookie," suggested Caroline's mother.
"Well," said Sara, "yes, perhaps I will."
Her mother went on with her tale: "While we were in the middle of discussing where we should go for holidays, a letter arrived from Uncle Thomas."
"Not Uncle Thomas from Vienna?" said Sara and, as her mother nodded, turned to Caroline. "There you are Caroline, I told you I had an Uncle Thomas in Vienna; maybe you'll believe me now."

From HIGHLAND HOLIDAY, Chapter 1, Two Bombshells.