Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quote of the Day

I promise you, that enormous creature was so near us that he, or was it she, nearly brushed against the back of the car. If we had put a hand through the window we could have touched him, if you can imagine anyone wanting to. This is the end, I thought, and shut my eyes and crouched down in my seat with my shoulders up to my ears. But the great beast didn't seem to have us on his agenda at all; he simply ignored us, padded into the bush beside the road with his vast feet and, what was even more wonderful, his friend on the road waved his trunk at us for the last time and ponderously moved into the bush beside him. Tommy shot forward with all speed.
"Well," said Dizzy, craning her neck round for a last look, "that was exciting."

From NOTHING HAPPENED AFTER ALL, Chapter 2, On Safari, describing Alison's shock at her encounter with an elephant.