Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

Meantime, Dr. Partridge had struggled to a sitting position, shouting furiously and almost incoherently at the girls "... such treatment... not at all what he was accustomed to... train to catch... friendly terms... such treatment... after a friendly chat... scarcely expected to be set upon in this scandalous fashion... train to catch... man in his position... head of an art gallery... important appointments in London..."
"Oh, put a sock in it!" said Kay rudely.
Dr. Partridge, brought up short in his tirade, gasped.
"You know quite well that you're not the head of any art gallery," Kay continued. "You know quite well that you organised those picture robberies at Falconhurst and Claire. You know quite well that you're nothing but a common thief..." The audience round them, by this time quite large, now gasped, but Kay swept on, "You know quite well that at this very moment the Head of a Cherub is wrapped up in that parcel" - and she lifted her arm and pointed a dramatic finger at the newspaper parcel.
Dr. Partridge was - apparently - quivering with rage. "How, how dare you, you insolent girl! There is nothing in that parcel but papers which are important only to myself," he breathed, his moustache woffling violently.
"Well, we can prove it," Kay swept on. "I'm holding onto his legs and I'm jolly well not letting go, but Nicky - Nicky, unwrap that thing and prove it."
Nicky, only too pleased, leant over and picked up the roll of newspapers which had follen to the ground in the struggle. Lynette said, "Kay!" urgently and, when Kay paid no attention, bent over and began whispering in her ear. Kay, the light of battle in her eyes, brushed her away like a troublesome fly.
Nicky unrolled the newspaper, and the crowd bent forward, breathing heavily. Underneath was more newspaper; underneath was more newspaper; and more - and more....

From NEW HOUSE AT NORTHMEAD, Chapter 15, Rough Girls.