Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tessa's Trying Tackle

When Gabrielle Gascoigne moves to St. Ronan's she decides that, among her numerous other skills, her hockey could be a boon to the school. Boasting that at her last school they had assured her she could play for Surrey, the ghastly girl annoys even members of her own team with her showing off. However, for all its merits, one player she would never encounter at Surrey would be the hopeless Tessa. Terrified by Gabrielle's onslought, the dreamy girl literally buries her face in the sand, or the field in this case, sending Gabrielle sprawling, resulting in a sprained ankle. That gets rid of her for a couple of days, but much to Susan's fury, her nemesis is inevitably promoted to Saturday's B game. This is the first illustration by, R. A. Branton, from Susan's Trying Term