Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Oh," said Charlotte blankly. Was she to fill the gap at the bottom?
"It's only a tiny part," Jonathan Marshall went on persuasively. "Fairy Fodmother, actually. Absolutely no acting ability is required, I assure you. Only looks."
Charlotte supposed that this was a sort of compliment, in a way. But the idea of plunging into the Wichwood Players and going on the stage in a real production was slightly alarming, to say the least of it. How was she going to fit it all in, for one thing, and wouldn't it take weeks to make her good enough to appear in public?
"Dahling, don't worry about that," said Carol, "most of the time you're perched up in a sort of bower, pretending to be asleep, it won't take long to rehearse you in that-"

From NO TROUBLE FOR SUSAN, Chapter 10, A Surprising Suggestion.