Monday, October 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

They arrived, contrary to expectations, intact, though indeed rather shattered, in plenty of time to lay in what Sara considered an adequate store of Pierrot Gourmand nougat, and to establish themselves right at the very ring-side, beside an aisle, Raymond in the middle and Sara next to the passage.
Probably Caroline and Sara derived more amusement from the audience than from the circus itself, for the clowns' patter was too quick and too colloquial for them, though Raymond roared and laughed, while Sara, her specs firmly on her nose for once, watched with fasicnated eyes a dear old woman, dressed in her best for the occasion even to a muff, hoping, as seemed likely, she would laugh herself right out of her seat and into the ring.

From BRETON HOLIDAY (1939), reissued as BRETON ADVENTURE (1953), Chapter 8, Sara at the Circus.