Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jane Shaw Encyclopedia: Mrs. Pengelly

Mrs. Pengelly is a resident of Pendragon Haven in Cornwall and features in The Moochers and The Moochers Abroad. When Fiona and Katherine move to Pendragon Manor, one of the first people to befriend them is Mrs. Pengelly, the Glaswegian wife of the taxi driver who brings the girls to the school. The Pengellys live just down the road from the school in a cottage called Little Nance. When Mrs. Pengelly first moved to Cornwall, she was a laundry-maid at Pendragon Manor. She enjoys the company of the girls, especially Fiona, who is also Scottish. Mrs. Pengelly is an excellent cook and her speciality is Cornish splits and cream. Both girls enjoy her cooking, especially Fiona, who uses any excuse she can think of to suggest dropping in on their neighbour. Despite her many years in Cornwall, Mrs. Pengelly still speaks with a Glasgow accent. She decorates her house with geraniums and is a cat lover.