Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

It is settled. I am to go to Mrs. Trevelyan's Boarding Establishment on the 22nd of September. Mamma, I know, hoped that some School nearer home - even in Bath - might be fixed on, but Papa has heard such prodigious good reports of Mrs. Trevelyan that he is determined that I should go to her. Sometimes I could wish that dear Papa were not so eager to have his Daughter educated. It is so droll in him. Not one of my Friends has been to School, and now I must go to a Boarding School! I am sorry for it beyond measure, but it is settled.

From THE MOOCHERS, Chapter 2, The Journal. Fiona is reading Great-aunt Katherine's diary that chronicles the journey to and her one day at Pendragon Manor in 1794. It is interesting to note that, like his descendants, Great-aunt Katherine's father is very keen on giving his daughter an alternative education. In the 1940s, over 150 years later, Katherine and Fiona's parents are all keen on sending the girls to progressive schools.