Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

Ricky nodded. "Yes, it's true! Look!" and she opened the blue velvet box and showed the pearls lying on their bed of satin.
"Well, there's a thing," said Julie.
"I should think so!" said Ricky. "But as I came along in the underground or M├ętro or whatever they call it, I worked the whole thing out-"
Julie had got her breath back again. "Oh, you did, did you-"
"Yes, and this is how I worked it out-"
"Another crook?"
"Well, yes - but honestly, Button, I can't think of any other explanation. You see-"
"Wait until we've had some lunch then," Julie interrupted. "I'm too weak for one of your crook stories at the moment."

From CROOKS TOUR, Chapter 8, The Crook and the Pearls.