Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Susan's Kind Heart

A "cleaned up" copy of the cover of SKH. This is an unusual cover because it was the only time that a Jane Shaw book had advertising slogans on the cover and also the only time that the cover did not depict a scene from the story.

The book is also one of the hardest to find in its original cover. It can be purchased quite cheaply on Kindle or in the Bettany Press edition. But if you want the original first edition, you have to be prepared to pay well over one hundred pounds for it. SKH, A Job for Susan and Northmead Nuisance are among the rarest and most expensive of Jane Shaw's books. The rarest, and the only one that I haven't been able to track down at all, is The House of the Glimmering Light. Published in 1943 and never reissued after the War, very few copies will be available today. All I have managed to learn about it is that it is a war story set in Oban and the two main characters are called Noël and Angela.