Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

Holy smoke!" said Midge. "It's Major Banks!"
Bill groaned. "Holy smoke," he said. "We're in the wrong house!"
Well, that situation took a bit of straightening out. Major Banks was a sort of village ogre, feared by all the Wichwood children for his fiery rages and stern persecution of young jokers, apple-stealers and such-like. None the better for that crack on the head, he thought for quite some time that he was the victim of a gang, half of whom were singing carols at his front door as a distraction while the other half made a burglarious entrance at the back; when he discovered that the gang were his own doctor's children and their cousin, his rage know no bounds. Midge, Bill and even Susan couldn't get a word in edgewise, couldn't even begin to explain.

From NO TROUBLE FOR SUSAN, Chapter 8, Carol-Singing.