Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quote of the Day

Midge refused to have anything further do do with the Gascoignes that day - or any day for that matter - as she had enough of them she said to last her a lifetime. She also refused to let Susan off the rest of the washing-up in order to rush in and remind Pea-green about the silkworms' diet. However, she couldn't do anything to stop her going next door after the washing-up was finished. But when Susan knocked at the Gascoignes' front door and inquired for Peregrine, Gabrielle said that he was in bed.
"Stomach-ache again?" said Susan tactlessly.
Gabrielle looked at her coldly. "Peregrine is a very highly strung and temperamental child," she said. "All the excitement to-day has made him sick."

From SUSAN RUSHES IN, Chapter 13, A New Career for Charlotte.