Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

"You can hardly blame Mr. Manson," said Katherine reasonably. "We haven't exactly taken him into our confidence."
"How could we?" said Fiona. "We haven't really got a confidence to take him into, have we? And we still haven't anything against Miss Grey, however much this shows M. Martin in his true colours. Party indeed! Dozens of pairs of nylons in those boxes I'll bet, and my poor-"
"Your poor mother hasn't a pair to her name," interrupted Katherine, "we know."

From THE MOOCHERS ABROAD, Chapter 7, Eclairs. When this story was published in 1951, Britain was still suffering from rationing in the aftermath of World War II. This explains why Fiona is bristling with indignation at Miss Grey and M. Martin having access to so many pairs of tights while "her poor mother" has none.