Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quote of the Day

Everybody says that the chairman of the governors, a benevolent old boy called Lord Dulwich, who had a daughter at the school away back in the dark ages, would give us a hall right away but that he is restrained by the clerk to the governors who is a very disagreeable lawyer called Pennington-Smith and who says that the school can't afford any extras like building a hall. We know he's disagreeable not only because of not letting us have a hall, but also because his daughter Hermione is a prefect in our house and she's ghastly.

From SUSAN'S SCHOOL PLAY, a short story written in the first person by Midge. This is the first story based at St. Ronan's and, consequently, the first mention of Hermione Pennington-Smith. She has not yet been given the nickname of H. P. Sauce, but it is already clear that she and Susan and Midge will never get on.