Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Don't tell Susan!" said Charlotte in an alarmed whisper.
"Don't tell Susan what?" asked Susan, coming into the room at the wrong moment.
"Oh, just a hard-luck story," said Charlotte in an off-hand voice. "Nothing to worry about."
For Susan's most awkward trait was an insatiable desire to help people. At the first sign of trouble in the lives of any of her friends or relations, Susan was on to it like a terrier at a rat-hole. And while sometimes her efforts were highly successful, sometimes they were anything but, so that on the whole her cousins Charlotte, Midge and Bill Carmichael, with whom she was staying at this time, thought it best to keep Susan and the troubles of their friends as far apart as possible.

From SUSAN AND THE HOME-MADE BOMB, the third of the Susan short stories, published in the Collins' Annual 1958.