Monday, August 29, 2011

Quote of the Day

It took Sara at least some little time to understand why they were now looking for a nice hotel, and to realise that poor Vanessa did not know and had never known anyone who lived in Dover; but as she told Caroline in the seclusion of their bedroom later, The Three Bells was very nice, and she for one was jolly glad they weren't going to spend the night on somebody's floor: and as even John, for all his ingenuity, could not contrive that they should miss the ferry a second time, Friday morning saw them safely on board and very well pleased with the little boat, and particularly with the great claw arrangement that lifted cars off the pier into the hold.
"Major Morris doesn't look so bad, does he?" said Sara as they watched the car dangling in mid-air.
"The luggage looks a bit odd," said Caroline.
The Major was not new enough to have a boot, and the luggage, exposed as it was to public gaze, certainly did have a peculiar appearance.