Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Never," said Kenneth. "She's fearty."
"She may be," said Elspeth, "but that doesn't usually make her give up. Look at the way she dived at the Clachan pool! She was frightened out of her senses, yet she did it. And Mr. Macpherson's pony! And -ugh, lots of times. You know," she went on thoughtfully, "until today I was was getting to like her fine. Except of course when she would blether on about the scenery. It made me hot all over to hear her- 'Isn't this beautiful - isn't that lovely?' - well, it is, but people don't talk about it. But apart from that I thought she wasn't so bad."
"Well, I didn't," said Kenneth. "Talk about a wee sleekit cowrin', tim'rous beastie!"
"She showed a bit more pluck last night," said Elspeth, grinning slightly.
"I liked her better last night than ever I did," admitted Kenneth. "But then today she's afraid to admit to it and tells lies about it - said she was at Machrie all the time. And she's so greedy! Fancy pinching scones out of the basket for the hay-field and hiding them. She has only to ask Mrs. Fergus for a scone and she'd give her a dozen."
"And here," said Elspeth, "what d'you think of this? When I put her picnic away in her haversack this morning there was another packet of sandwiches hidden under her bathing things!"
"Did I not tell you?" said Kenneth. "She's greedy."
"Ugh well," said Elspeth with a little sigh, "don't talk any more about her. She's just poor English trash."

From PENNY FOOLISH, Chapter 11, Hill Adventure. Kenneth and Elspeth are furious with Penny for abandoning the climb up Cir Mhor and her apparent greed. They do not know that all the extra food that Penny takes is actually for Jill, who is hiding from her pursuers on Arran. Many misunderstandings still to be overcome... And a very politically incorrect poke at the English that would certainly not make it into print today.