Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quote of the Day

Of course, many of the customers knew the Carmichaels, and had to have the full story of Louella's illness and the girls' efforts to help her; and most of them were quite polite and patient except a terrifying old lady called Mrs. Weatherby who told them that they were obviously no possible use to Louella who would have been better advised to seek the help of Mrs. Weatherby herself.
"I can't understand why she didn't think of me," said Mrs. Weatherby, "she knows that I'm a real book-worm and that I should have been delighted to help her. I'm amazed that she didn't think of me. I've often hinted that I should consider a partnership if she wanted some expert help, but all she said was that Mrs. Telford has a B.A. degree. A degree! Everybody knows that all the degrees in the world won't give you the feeling for books. You young people," she boomed, while the other customers in the shop listened with interest, "you young people know nothing about books these days. Used to nothing but comic strips and television, whereas as a child my dear father used to read Kipling and Dickens and Sir Walter Scott to us every Sunday evening-"

From NO TROUBLE FOR SUSAN, Chapter 2, Crisis. The gang's first encounter with the infamous Mrs. Weatherby.