Friday, December 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

When they finally did row round to Luss Straits, the scene was even more lively than as described by Andy, via Elizabeth. The place seemed to be black with boats full of slightly hysterical people trying to pick up rather sodden pieces of paper: a quite serious row was developing between a scruffy-looking dinghy and an even scruffier canoe as to who had first seen a certain five-pound note: at least five people were in the water, two of their own accord, and though the drowning tale was pure rumour, as the girls watched, an ancient tub gently capsized and the three occupants began thrashing about in the water, yelling for help, which a well-meaning but inefficient little man in glasses and a bowler hat tried to give by sloshing one of them over the head with an oar, thus precipitating another first-class row. From all sides, vessels of various shapes and sizes could be seen approaching.

From THE CREW OF THE BELINDA, Chapter 14, Treasure on the Waters.