Monday, June 4, 2012

Jane Shaw Quiz 63

In which subject did Jean Patrick (Jane Shaw) earn a degree from Glasgow University in the 1930s?

The answer to Quiz 62: Susan's favourite cake is a walnut cake from Fuller's. The picture shows this delicious cake that Susan and Tessa enjoyed in A Job for Susan on a bitterly cold afternoon in Wichwood Village on their return from St. Ronan's in the Lyles' new house just down the road from where the Carmichaels lived. I always smile when I read this part of the book because although the girls are described as feeling bloated after a huge tea, Mrs. Lyle immediately sets to preparing dinner even before they have even begun to digest this hearty meal. Food is an extremely important element in Susan's life. No matter how much she eats at breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is always plenty of room for ices and snacks with cold drinks in summer or extra cakes and sandwiches with hot drinks in winter!