Friday, June 1, 2012

Susan in Swedish: Fiffigt, Fifi!

Thanks once again to Eva Löfgren, who sent me this scan of Susan's Trying Term in Swedish. While the  UK edition shows an illustration of Gabrielle Gascoigne's arrival at St. Ronan's, the Swedish edition shows a scene from Chapter 4, when Susan catches the young boy who was thrown off the roundabout at the fair. The title in Swedish means Smart Girl. All the Swedish covers were drawn by Heidi Lindgren. Although the name Fifi is used in the titles, Susan's real name is used in the stories. However, Midge's name is changed to Myggan, and Pea-green becomes Grinus, meaning Whiner or Complainer. For more about the Swedish editions, you can read Eva Löfgren's chapter in Susan and Friends, entitled Fifi and the Fish, which is the sole source of information on the Swedish books and translations.