Monday, June 4, 2012

Treasure Book: The Wilsons Won't Mind

This is the cover of The Treasure Book for Girls 1958, which includes a reprint of The Wilsons Won't Mind, the first of the Susan short stories. Collins certainly made sure they got their money's worth out of Jane Shaw's short stories. Many of the stories she wrote for her publishers were included in a number of different annuals over the years. However, anyone imagining that the author rubbed her hands with glee over the extra royalties she would receive with every reprint should think again. As was common practice in the 1950s, the stories were sold outright for a flat fee. It was only in the mid 1960s that contracts began to include royalties for every copy of a book sold. By that time, Jane Shaw's career was winding down and she was only entitled to these extra royalties from the last few Susan books, which were not as widely circulated as their predecessors. Consequently, all the extra mileage eked out of the Susan books and Crooks Tour in the Children's Press editions was exclusively to the benefit of the publishers.