Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quote of the Day

And don't give him the story of your life beginning with your French grandmother," said Ricky, "like you usually do. Just tell him where to go-"
Denise looked slightly offended and began to talk to the driver. He seemed to have a certain amount of difficulty in understanding Denise when she told him Rue du Mont Thabor, but eventually he shouted joyfully oui, oiu, oui, he understoond perfectly, Mont-mumble, mumble and he turned his ancient cab with a wild jerk which sent all the girls tumbling into each other's laps.
"He must be another Frenchman who doesn't understand French," said Fay as they sorted themselves out.
"Not at all," said Denise with dignity. "He's just a wee bit deaf, that's all."

From CROOKS TOUR, Chapter 7, On to Paris.