Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

Penny went off into a dream, thinking about Greta's cooking.
"Well, of course, if you want to stay here all day drooling about food..." said Jill. "But we thought that you'd like to come with us to Innsbruck."
"How can I?" said Penny. "I'm still in quarantine till all the scabs come off, and that won't be for at least another week."
"I shall go in front of you," said John, "ringing a leper bell and calling, 'Unclean" Unclean!'"
Penny giggled and Stephen said, "Good idea, but perhaps a little flamboyant. I thought we'd just drive down in the old jalopy, and you can sit in it while we go into the shops. We want to collect some photographs that we left to be developed."
"Oh, good," said Penny.         
From FIVEPENNY MYSTERY, Chapter 3, More Mystery.