Monday, January 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

Opposite the house was the Picture Gallery, which was quite famous, and in front of the houses in Tollgate Road were grass verges surrounded by black and white posts. There really was a tollgate, too, farther up the road, a trap for unwary motorists who had to pay threepence or go round another way; and there was an old millpond where the Carmichael children had fed the ducks in their extreme youth. To Susan, coming from the tenements and drab greyness of Glasgow, Wichwood was like a fairy-tale village. To-night, as they came through, it looked cosy and gay. The little shops were bright and Christmassy; the toyshop had blobs of cotton-wool snow on its windows and crowds of little boys round its door.

From SUSAN PULLS THE STRINGS, Chapter 2, Troubles. Thanks to Pamela Airth for suggesting this section for the quote of the day.