Monday, January 30, 2012

Roches de Saint Quay

Here is a map of Brittany showing where the Binic stories were set. I was really curious about the mysterious islands that are only visible at low tide. The Storms and the Moochers go there for la pêche, or shrimping. Readers of Breton Adventure will recall the memorable chapter when Sara spends the day shrimping on these rocks and then absent-mindedly leaves her catch behind. These islands turned out to be the Roches de Saint Quay. When the Moochers visit them, they are described as "barren, sun-scorched rocks". The map shows the area including St. Brieuc, where Jane Shaw's very first story begins, Binic and the Roches de Saint Quay. Farther along, as the coast tips northwards, is the Île de Brehat that was visited by Susan and Penny.