Thursday, September 15, 2011

Credit to Artists

Today I received a message from Norman. No further information about him is provided and no e-mail address to write back to, so I'll reply to his post here. First, the post: 

Hi Robert,
Some of us might be here more for the artwork. PLEASE give credit when it's known. Thanks a great blog.

Hi Norman, I'm happy you enjoy the blog. The artwork is an extremely important aspect of Jane Shaw's books and I often mention the name of the artist. I don't always do this. Sometimes it may be due to neglect, especially in the earlier posts when my intention was just to get the Jane Shaw legacy "out there" (although some of these posts have been edited and modified to include more information). But on other occasions it's because the artist is not identified in the books (at least not in the copies I have). For example, yesterday I posted the spine of my copy of Susan Rushes In. The artist's name is not given. Many illustrations in the books are credited to R. A. Branton. However, I have no further information about this person (man or woman, age, track record, etc.). Any reader who has more information can post a comment and I'll modify the post to include it. Other harder-to-find illustrations, such as those of the early Susan books that were not reprinted in the Children's Press editions, can also be forwarded to me for inclusion in the blog.