Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Susan Rushes In

It's interesting to see what people are looking for when they visit this blog. As the moderator, I can see who is visiting; well, at least from which countries, and what they are looking for. For instance, one person was looking for a real life Adrian Gascoigne; another was seeking an artist called Gabrielle Gascoigne. Poor people, to know that the names they are seeking have been permanently tarnished as a result of the stories about the ghastly Gascoigne family. But, of course, there are also people who are actually looking for information about Jane Shaw. The key search words are often very exact: for example "jane shaw" wichwood "mrs weatherby"; or "susan pulls the strings" jane shaw "children's press"; or "jane shaw" "penny books" nelson publishers; or belinda "jane shaw"... The variations are endless. However, the number one search by far is "jane shaw" "susan rushes in". Why this title is the most popular is something that I'm at a loss to explain. It may be that it is a very short and simple title that sticks in the minds of the nostalgic, or just a title that most people remember. The spine of my copy of the book shows Susan's last moment of innocent bliss. She and Midge are enjoying a peach from the garden next door. And then their happy world is shattered forever when they are confronted by horrible Gabrielle, who is quick to point out that they are snatching fruit from her garden. This is Susan and the Carmichaels' introduction to the horrible Gascoinge family who have taken possession of the neighbouring house. And civilization as they know it has come to an end!

But, whatever the reason, it's official: Susan Rushes In is the main source of visitors to this blog!

Susan Rushes In is the fifth book in the series, but in chronological terms it is the second because Susan At School takes place immediately after Susan Pulls the Strings, being set in January, just after Susan's first Christmas and New Year with the Carmichaels, as the publishers wanted a school story and Jane Shaw decided to begin at the beginning of Susan's tenure at St. Ronan's.