Friday, September 9, 2011

Quote of the Day

"There you are then," said Fanny. "We'll get a loaf and some potatoes and some of that kind of meat and I'll make a stew-"
And so she did; and a very excellent stew it was, and if there were rather more suet dumplings in it than meat, nobody minded because they all rather liked suet dumplings. And there was a piece of newspaper wrapped round the loaf, and Pips lay on her stomach on the roof (the sun had come out again) reading it, while the other two dozed. As usual, it was full of infinitely more exciting news than the newspapers one came by through the more usual channels. She had noticed that before - when Bella Maclean's fire had been sulky and Pips had held a newspaper up to make it go better, there were always the most interesting paragraphs to read before the whole thing went up in flames.

From THE CREW OF THE BELINDA, Chapter 9, Pips Has an Idea.