Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

""I'll be ready in two minutes," Fiona called back. "Could you come up and help me with the trunk?" She hugged her mother round the waist. "I think it's a bit late to change our minds now, Mummy, don't you? Daddy would have a fit. I can't honestly say I'm burning to go to Pendragon, as you know - I'd a million times rather be going back to Percie. But it won't be so bad going with Katherine."
"Why your late headmaster had to choose this of all times to give up his school," Fiona's mother said for at least the thousandth time, "I'll never understand-"
"Well, I suppose bankruptcy is a fairly good reason," Fiona murmured.
"How he could be bankrupt, with the fees he charged! But still, it was amazingly lucky that a school like Pendragon could take both of you, even if the headmistress was at school with Aunt Margaret," her mother went on, also for the thousandth time.
"Yes, Mummy," said Fiona dutifully.

From THE MOOCHERS, Chapter 1, Fiona Takes a Chance.