Monday, September 19, 2011

Susan's Kind Heart (Bettany Press)

Of the eleven Susan books, the only one I couldn't find second-hand was Susan's Kind Heart, the ninth in the series.  Fortunately, the Bettany Press edition was available from Badger Books. It's a faithful reproduction of the text, but doesn't have the same feel. However, I am thankful that I could get it. The back cover has features that are not familiar to other Jane Shaw books, a bar code and the price in "new" pounds! But the paperback cover is in the same nostalgic tone of green as many of Jane Shaw's original publications. However, there is a little mistake in the blurb, which states that the town of Kerdic will be familiar to Jane Shaw's readers. Actually, the town's real name is Binic. It was given the name Kerdic in the second Penny book, Twopence Coloured. In Breton Adventure and The Moochers Abroad it is called St. Brioc. And in Susan's Kind Heart it is referred to as St. Clos.