Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quote of the Day

"What do you think you're doing with our hose, Pea-green, sorry, Peregrine?" said Susan.
"Nothing," said Peregrine, who was an extremely handsome small boy with black curls and the face, but certainly not the nature, of an angel.
"Well, give it to me," said Susan.
"Certainly," said Peregrine in his pedantic way. He handed Susan the hose by the nozzle and walked away with quiet dignity.
The confused roaring that had been coming from the other side of the wall now ceased and a furious red face from which water poured in streams appeared over the top.
"So it was you!" yelled the owner of this face which became, if possible, even redder at the sight of Susan. "As if it ain't enough trouble getting me marquee up with her ladyship and them all changing their minds every five minutes where it's to go, without you giving me a shower-bath!"
"I - I - I ---" began Susan, quite taken aback.

From SUSAN MUDDLES THROUGH, at the wedding of Selina Gascoigne and Sam Pilkington. Peregrine gets the better of Susan yet again!