Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

Fiona wasn't listening. "Tuesday, July the first, 1794," she read, in awe. "Katherine, 1794!"
"I know," said Katherine, apparently unmoved by the age of the little book; "I told you it seemed to be an old diary. I expect it's the diary of some Morton or other."
"But you don't want to give it to me," Fiona demurred; "it might be frightfully valuable."
"Well, I doubt that," said Katherine. "Besides, they're your ancestors as well as mine. Mummy said you were to have it, if you wanted it."
"Goodness, I'd love it - it's thrilling! I mean, I knew Mummy's and Uncle John's family have lived in this house since the eighteenth century, but I thought all the old family papers had been tracked down ---"
"Apparently no one thought this old thing had any value," said Katherine. "You can spend your convalescence deciphering it; and if there are any interesting bits, you can read them out to me. Oh, blow, there's Mummy calling! I must go."
As Fiona was already absorbed in the little book, she didn't even notice Katherine's departure.

From THE MOOCHERS, Chapter 2, The Journal.