Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I'm sick of this scrounging for money, it's disgusting," said Midge. "Haven't you anything you could sell? Haven't you a single valuable stamp in your whole collection?"
"I shouldn't think so," said Bill. "But I'll ring up Stobbs after lunch."
"They listened to his conversation with Stobbs.
"Hi," Bill said. "You know this Oxfam thing I said I'd raise ten pounds for? Well, it's not so easy raising ten pounds, I can tell you. You wouldn't like to buy any of my stamps, would you?"
"No," said Stobbs, who was a boy of few words.
"Gosh, Stobbs, be a pal. It's a good cause ---"
"The only decent stamps you've got are the ones I've given you," said Stobbs. "I'm not buying any of those."
Bill wrangled for a bit, but Stobbs was firm...
"Nothing doing," Bill told the girls unnecessarily. "Stobbs is tough," he said.
Midge was also tough. "There's nothing for it," she said. "You'll have to get another job---"

From A JOB FOR SUSAN, Chapter 13, Blow After Blow.